UCAN’s Mission: Empowering Local Communities with Emergency Assistance and Support
We offer financial and referral help to those in need within our local community focusing on preventing evictions & utility turn-offs.
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Your donation or volunteering can directly prevent evictions and utility turn-offs, helping build a stronger and more compassionate local community. Act now to be a crucial part of UCAN's mission and positively impact the lives of those in need.
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We offer assistance to those within these neighborhoods: 21030   •   21031   •   21071   •   21093   •   21111   •   21131   •   21152
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We were so excited.  After living in a motel for two years we had finally saved enough for the security deposit and shared rent in a home.  We could move in the first of the month in just three days.  But we had no extra cash to pay for the motel.  UCAN helped us stay in our room for those last three nights, and we are now so happy to be in our new home.
A homeless couple living for two years at a motel
The fathers of my children just took off out of state and left me with all the kids.  I have an ok job and can get by most of the time, but food just keeps going up and up.  UCAN helped me find ACTC who will give me food twice a month, and also gave me the names of other food pantries.  It has just been a blessing in my life.
A mother of four with food insecurity
When I went to UCAN I figured they would give me a hard sell on putting my life back in order.  Truth is I like my life.  I live in my car with my dog for company, and I can go wherever I please.  I get enough Social Security to buy food and gas, and I am quite happy.  The woman I talked to was nice and asked me about everything, and she wanted to know why I had come in since everything seemed ok.  Problem was that my car battery had died, and I didn't have the money to tow my car or to get it fixed.  She wasn’t sure she could help me until I told her I was a member of AAA.  She made all kinds of phone calls and had a battery sent and installed right in the parking lot where I was stranded.  And they paid for it.  It was like a miracle.
A man living in his car
I was in desperate need of new shoes and had no idea where I could get them.  I met a guy who told me about UCAN and how maybe they could help.  When I explained my problem the lady called a place at a church and asked if they had size 10 men's shoes.  They did and she told me how to get there.  It took me over an hour to walk there, but you would not believe the great shoes they had.  It was a long walk back, but I had to go back and show them off to that lady.  She was so happy for me.  It made my day.
A homeless man in need of shoes
Sherwood Episcopal Church has supported UCAN with financial and volunteer assistance for many years. We see firsthand the impact this caring organization has on those in need in the Cockeysville area. We rely on their expertise, knowledge, and compassion to care for their fellow community members in need. Thank you UCAN!
The Rev. Nancy H. Hennessey, Rector, Sherwood Episcopal Church
I couldn't understand why I was in so much trouble.  I stayed in school, worked hard and got my college degree.  Everyone told me I had done the right things, but I couldn't t find a job, and I was losing my apartment.  I was so upset and distraught that I as in tears. My family could't help me, and I had job interview after job interview. Nothing.  Then I found UCAN.  They helped me with my rent, and I avoided eviction.  Within ten days I was finally offered a job.  UCAN saved me.
A young college graduate